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I want to show you how you can get thousands of FREE YouTube leads using the YouTube Tsunami Robot from Inner Circle Riches.

Inner Circe Riches is a cool membership site which you can signup for free and then you will have the opportunity to use this amazing software to get free youtube leads with very little work.

I’ll talk more about the software in a bit but when you see what’s inside Inner Circle Riches I believe you will be as impressed as I was.

The benefits of the site are that it helps a marketer do all the things that normally takes hours or maybe longer to setup.

I have been marketing online for a while and I know that it takes time to setup a professional looking funnel that makes people signup and also buy.

How many times have you been to a site with a dodgy looking video recorded in some basement and then a sign-up form that once you fill out your details takes you back to the homepage and you never get the report they promised….lol.

Well the beauty of this is that that’s all taken care of.

Let me just list some of the best features of the Inner Circle Riches Site

  • Profesional Done For You Squeeze Page That Coverts
  • Easy Integration With Your Autoresponder
  • Chance To Earn Money With Affiliate Products
  • Email Copy Written For You
  • Intergrated With A Backend Higher Priced Product

Well I have to be fair and tell you about the downside too otherwise you don’t get a rouded picture.

I believe how well you do overall can be aided by signing up under a mentor that really wants to hold your hand and see you succeed and if you sign up for the backend product which is Empower Network under a sponsor that just wants your sale and not much more…..then your on your own Jack!

Also there is no email follow up series. So you need to write that yourself.

You can sell the products as an affiliate which is great but you do have to upgrade to the next level (level 2) to be able to price these at different price levels and even give them away for free.

All in all if your looking for a membership site that ticks most of the major boxes and that you can get involved in for free then you can’t go wrong.

Especially as one of their products is

The YouTube Tsunami Robot

This is a great bit of software that you can use to get free youtube traffic and also find out how much traffic a particular Youtube video is getting.

The software just automates a task of finding videos without a link in the description for you and then you can use the email feature to do a bulk mail to all the owners of the videos you found requesting them to put your link on their video.

You’ll be surprised how many people are not interested in marketing a video that might be getting 400 hits per day (Doh!)

I put a short video up here to explain more

I hope you enjoy getting YouTube traffic the easy way and you take time to take a look at the Inner Circle Riches site.

To Your Success



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