So What Is MOBE – My Online Business Empire

So you may or may not have heard of My Online Business Empire (MOBE) which basically is everything it says on the box and a complete turnkey business empire in a box So the developer Matt Lloyd was also an online marketer and wanted to create a system that even a newbie could upwrap and get started with from day one.

It consists of the 21 step video programme – A video series that explains what programme is about, why the right mindset is important, how there are people on your list (probably right now if you have one) that are willing to pay up to $50,000 for the right system, how the compensation plan works, also how you can position yourself to make commisssions of $15,000 and the power of going to events where you can network with leaders

There are 3 upgrade levels 1) Mobe Licence $1.997 2)MOBE Titanium $5,000 and 3) MOBE Platinum $9,000

The problem with marketing online

Learning curve – develop a funnel, not just a funnel but one that converts
– learn how to write emails that make your readers Know Like and Trust you, and also eductae them as to the benefits of being in MOBE
– Then convince your customer to upsell and thus increase your income on the back end
– then show them how to duplicate your results thus increasing your credibility and making you more money from their commissions

So do you think you could do all this? Probably you could but I can almost guarantee you that it will take you years of trial and error and alotof heart ache.

The Beauty of MOBE

So this programme has excelled in solving those problems wheras a newbie can jump on board and instead of having to learn a thousand things just need to learn how to drive traffic or pay for good quality traffic

So Mobe * Looks after you by having a high converting done for you funnel * has follow up newsletters that do a good job converting your leads to become affiliates
– sales team by 6 figure earner that will personally call your prospects and take them through the programme step by step any when they get to ste 6 try to upsell them as to the benfits of upgrading to the MOBE Licence which costs $1997

How Does The MOBE Compensation Plan works

You can earn commisions of $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 depending on where your positioned. What are the stats !/3 people you bring inupgrade to LIcencee, then half of those upgrade to Titanium and then half of those to Platinum. So 12 people come in 4 go to licences = $4,000, Then 2 of those go to titanium = $3,000 and then 1 of those go to Platinum  $5,000. So if you get 12 people to join you make $12,000 🙂

Learn more from the video below:



So from the video you see the importance of getting well positioned and how you could quit your job a lot quicker from being able to get those huge commissions and really once you bring a person through the door all the upselling is done for you

So Are There any Negatives

Well for me I wanted to go through the 21 steps quicker but your phone coach only lets you have access to the videos 2 at a time. This is to make sure that you check in and that they can question you as to weather you understood what you were taught. I got the feeling that you would still be allowed to advance even if you didn’t know what you were talking about. The coaches make money from the upsell of a client so it is in their interest to contact you and try and upsell you but you get a higher commission if you do it yourself. You get 100% commission if you call your own leads but I don’t advice that till your really confident and have some income proff too persuade them

The backend products are high priced but you do realise then that you can spend more on getting a qualifeid lead because your commisssions are higher

So In Conclusion

This is a turnkey done for you ractically system where your job is just to drive traffic. If you learn to do rhat eitheir FREE or Paid you now have a system that does all the other upselling for you. You earn commissions of $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 respectively depending on what product you have and your prospect buys or you could get all the commisssions if you want to do all the upselling.

I know there are cheaper programms ut there but i think this still has a good name hasn’t been spammed to death by black hat marketers so you can still easily get your pages about MOBE ranked on the major dsearch engineand in social media which is not always the case with some higher teir compaies

Best of all is if you just want to you can get leads and relaxing knowing that you will earn higher commissions with no extra work.

I hope you enjoed

To Your success


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