So I have discovered a membership site by the name of Inner Circle Riches that I signed up for and want to give you an honest review so as you can make up your mind as to weather this is something you want to get involved in too.

This membership site was set up by a savvy internet marketer by the name of Paul Lynch.

He initially started by doing cpa marketing using software that i’ll tell you more about soon but as he and you will learn it is hard to make a substainable income online unless you are getting recurrable monthly sums.

So what he done is start to promote the Empower Network which is when he started to make life changing money and so he added the Empower Network to the Inner Circle programme

Now Let’s Add In A Backend ToThe Inner Circle Riches

So now to make the reallife changing money he added the Empower Network (EN) in as a backend offer so once someone buys a product from the site they are then presented with the EN as a secondary offer. So let me explain the structure.

Inner Circle Riches Membership Site Explained

The main benefit to joining the Inner Circle Riches site is that you make real money through the EN.

Also because it has various levels there becomes like a viral efect that encourages your downline to upgrade their level in EN which in turn upgrades them on the inner circle site and opens up more features and benefits on the site itself.

There are various levels in the inner circle and each level comes with various features

So at the time of writing this there were 3 levels to the site and 4 products. The products were called

YouTube Traffic Tsunami Robot YouTube Video Tsunami
PayPerClick  Tsunami Training
CPA Tsunami Course

(Think he likes the word tsunami lol) Each product shows you some really cool ways to use both YouTube and other cheap massive sites to get free traffic and leads. All of which are proven and all of which work.

The products range from $17 to $97. When you join as a level 1 member you get the right to sell the YouTube traffic tsunami at $97.

A Marketer’s Dream

One thing I really like is that you get all the marketing material you need to start selling each and every product. As a level 1 member you get

  • A high converting squeeze page to help build you email list and which is connected to the back end offer
  • The software product which saves people tons of time when trying to get leads from YouTube
  • All the email messages and banners you need to promote the product
  • A follow up email series to send to your list after they have signed up in order to keep the offer in their minds
  • A chance to track your advertising links to see how well they perform

Now I’ve been marketing for a while and I know the value of a great squeeze and a tracking service (which saves you re-investing in dud sales projects that aren’t making you any money).

So back to the levels

Level 1

You can get a free inner circle account which will show you how others are doing so as you can see for yourself that it works before signing up, but when you join as a level 1 member you then get the right to sell the YouTube Traffic Tsunami product at $97 (of which you get paid $47) plus all the benefits I highlighted above.

To become a level 1 member you have to join the EN at the lowest level which cost $25 per month for the blogging platform however you will be joining through your sponsor so they get this $25 per month and you get all the money from those you bring in. (See the Empower Network Compensation Plan)

The disadvantage with level 1 is that you only get to sell the YouTube Tsunami product at $97 with no variations on the price and depending on the people your selling to that can be quite high as a front end offer but it can and does sell.

Level 2

When you upgrade to level 2 you now get some added benefits.

You can now sell the YouTube Traffic Tsunami Software at any price from £1 to $97 and even give it away for free if you like.

This is a great benefit because you can now tempt your customers to get involved in the EN by giving away a FREE piece of software which is regularly sold for $97 (massive peicieved value).

As well as this you get a choice of a further 3 squeeze pages to build your list and use for split testing to get your marketing funnel working as efficiently as possible. You also get to sell the products and earn 60% commissions

To upgrade to level 2 you have to join the EN inner circle which costs $100 per month again which goes to your sponsor and you get when you sponsor others that upgrade to grade 2.

There is no real disadvantage to grade 2 and I believe it works well because just promoting EN can be challenging as highly marketed but when done in this medium it is like giving extra bonuses away.


Level 3

At level 3 you now get to sell all the products we spoke about earlier for a 70% commission (compared to 50%) from the previous 2 levels.

And this is where the whole site is opened up to you all the squeeze pages for all the seperate products.

To upgrade to level 3 you have to get the Costa Rica Experience from the EN which costs $500.

So not only do you get the training and audios that EN have to offer you also get a chance to earn from the products that Inner Circle have too.

Pros and Cons

So the pros of joining EN via the Inner circle is that you have a seperate sales funnel to the EN which still works but is a bit saturated.

There aren’t many online marketers that haven’t seen or heard of EN so this is a way to come slightly under the radar and give people the chance to really see the benefits of EN rather than their follow their negative ideas.

You get great high-converting squeeze pages and a way to test all the links you place eg. if you clicked this link below it would be tracked to this blog:

Also the products are great and have value in their own right. They are useful and have all been used to bring people new leads for free.

As for the cons at the lower level, Level 1, you can only sell the software at $97 which is a bit high as a front end offer.

Also overall the amount of support you get from your sponsor is wholly dependent on the individual.

My team has a support site that teaches you how to get leads from Facebook, YouTube and how to get some great solo ad deals. But not all teams are like this. Some people just know how to market but not really support their team.

What Now?

Well I hope this is clear I have put a video of Paul Lynch explaining the Inner Circle Site below so you can see what others are doing with this offer. But if you want to join then I have arranged for you to get the CPA Traffic Tsunami (which normally sells for $97) for Only $17.

Click the link below the video to get this great deal……

To Your Success


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