How To Change Your YouTube Username

The username is the name that you choose to be displayed on your YouTube channel. Here is a way to edit the username of your channel.

1. At first you need to log in to your YouTube homepage. Then you may observe your channel picture on the right top corner of your screen. On the right side of the picture, there is an arrow that is pointed downwards. Left click on the arrow.

2. Now you may now observe the header expanding and showing videos you recently watched, videos that you like, etc. On the right portion of this pop up you may observe a link “YouTube setting”. Left click on it. Consequently, the overview page of the account setting opens up.

3. Now you may observe your YouTube channel picture under Account information. On the right side of the picture, there is link called “Advanced”. Left click on it.

4. Now the advanced setting page opens. Under the “channel setting” you may now observe a link named, “create custom URL”. Left click on it.

5. A new page opens. Here you may now enter your new unique channel name and click “Create Channel URL” to confirm it.

6. A new page opens up and you may observe that the same old channel name is displayed. Now on the right side of your channel picture, there is a link called “Return name to new name and disconnect Google+ profile”. Left click on it.

7. Consequently, a new page opens up asking you to confirm your action. You may click on the “OK” option and then you may now observe your new username is being displayed on your channel. Then click on the “Save” button on the right top corner of your screen. Now you have successfully changed the username of your YouTube channel.

Does This Increase Exposure Of My Video?

With billions of videos uploaded in YouTube, it is sometimes difficult to provide the exposure that a video deserves. Here is a list of a few ways to increase Youtube traffic by boosting up the amount of views and likes for your YouTube videos.

1. Enrich the video tags with keywords. With more amount of keywords in your video tags, you create more chances for people to find your videos. Proper usage of the tag field by filling it most number of relevant keywords helps you to make your videos accessible to a large number of people.

2. Transcripting video into the description tag. Transcribing your video into description field not only makes the video more understandable, but also gives a boost in the ranking of the videos. SEO friendly transcription makes the video more accessible to the audience.

Video Showing How To Change Your YouTube Username

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