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Hi my name is Emmanuel and I want to tell you a little about me.

When I was younger I suffered badly with a debilitating illness called sickle cell and was told
I’d be lucky to live let alone work.

However being the determined person that I am I never let that stop me and decided that rather than work for anyone who could fire me in a whim I would start my own business.

So I studied to become a driving instructor and once I passed my exams went on to run a successful driving school called E-Manuals Driving School and had a thriving small business hiring 5 other driving instructors to work for the company.

Everything seemed to be going well but everytime I got unwell it took me ages to get back on my feet and I just started to feel like the business was getting on top of me rather than me being in charge of it.

My ultimate dream of putting my feet up on a beach working maybe 1-2 hours a day whilst I made an amazing living seemed to be getting further away as I worked harder and harder. I remember in June 2013 I said to myself “It’s time to work smart not hard”

I then started to devote time to learning all about the internet and how to use it as a vehicle (no pun intended lol) to make money from home or from my beloved beach. The more I got into it the more I could see the benefits of making money online.

I am now on my journey to making a 5 figure income from the internet and believe I will be there by next July. After trying and reading by myself I started to become overwhelmed with all the information and decided I need a good mentor to really take me to the next level.

I managed after alot of trial and error, and I urge anyone to take their time before they choose a mentor to follow because there are some real duds out there.

But as I said I went through my duds and found 2 guys that both make on average $200,000 per year and not just that know how to teach it to others. I have used their teachings as a blueprint to help and give value to my coaching students now.

As time goes by now I am starting to get regular sales and discover how to really market online.

What you need to know is that if you can get traffic to most offers you will make sales unless offer is really bad. But the problem online really is that most people don’t know how to get traffic.

As I did you learn about article writing, copywriting, squeeze pages, wordpress blogs, facebook etc etc but with all that knowledge I still didn’t know how to get qualified traffic to my sites and offers .

When I listened to my mentors and changed my focus then things changed.

I hope to help others on my journey to my beach and if your reading this then I hope I can help you and maybe we’ll share a cocktail on an exotic beach somewhere.


Lets Work To Your Success!

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