How To Make Money With MTTB

So here are the boring numbers showing how to make money with MTTB

Ok so it is often referred to as the boring bit but honestly if you do not know your conversion rates for any opportunity you could continuously pour good money after bad trying to acheive results that are just not reachable because someone has advised you that they made millions from just one ad 🙂

Well in order to make money with MTTB (My Top Teir Business) the full testing has been done for you personally, by the leaders (and myself) and if you do the same as instructed your conversions should be similar if not slightly better.

mttb money

mttb money

The main thing I want you to realise is that when I am talking about traffic I’m talking about quality targeted traffic (see post on gettting targeted traffic). In this instance that means people that are interested in making money online, who have an entrepreneurial mind and also are coachable.

If you can  find these type of people when  doing your marketing then you will get the same conversions stated and possibly better. But don’t get too stressed out about wher to find these people all will be shown to you in the posts I do on getting traffic (the life blood of marketing online).

Before we start I just want to give you a quick reminder of what the products that I am refering to below are and the different levels of MTTB.

If you join as a paid member you just get signed up for $49.

If you decice to upgrade then the next level is MTTB Licencee (and you can now make commissions of $1,000).

After that you can upgrade to Titanium Level (commissions now of $3,000) and the top level where all the big bucks are made is the Platinum level (now play time is over and you earn commissions of $5,000).

Each level allows you to make higher commissions from your customers and also is full of some industry leading information and further perks the higher you go.

So how do I know these numbers are right?

Well over 5 years of continual research starts to leave patterns. These numbers are the conversion rates shown for the company but not just that for each of the affiliates that promote MTTB as well

So here goes:

We refer to the 6,2,1 conversions (what!!!!!). Don’t panic lol by that we mean –

For every 6 mttb licencees you get 2 of them will upgrade to Titanium level and 1 of those will upgrade to Platinum.

We also know that for every 50 people that signup on the MTTB squeeze page 1 of them will become a licencee thus upgrade to the 1st of the higher teir levels.

Finally when sending traffic to the company squeeze page which you can see and signup for here

The squeeze page conversion is about 30%.

So Lets Put It all Together

So lets say you do a 1000 piece mailing so at a conversion rate of 30% => We now have 300 signups.

From the 300 signups => 6 of them turn into Licencees (300/50 = 6). Financially that makes you $6,000

From the 6 Licencees => 2 of them turn into Titanium. Financially that makes you $6,000

From the 2 Titanium => 1 of them turn into Platinum. Financially that makes you $5,000

So depending on where you are positioned in the company (i.e. which level of product you own) depends on how much you can make from that 100 piece mailing. You can only earn a commission if you own the product yourself so if you don’t own Titanium and Platinum you miss out on those higher commissions. Hope this is making sense if not you can see the MTTB Compensation Plan

So How Do I Make Money Money With MTTB

Well to do that you need to position yourself in a place where you can make the higher commissions. There are people on every mailing list and online that will spend this sort of money once they see the potential of what it can earn them.

So If you were positioned as Licencee you’d make £6,000

If you postioned as Titunium you’d make the $6,000 (from above) plus another $6,000

If you positioned as Platinum you’d make the $12,000 from the 2 above plus a further $5,000. So total would be $18,000

Don’t believe this is possible, others are doing it everyday…….

I hope you are starting to see the beauty of top teir products . Imagine if you were only selling a $49 product to make the same $18,000 you’d need to sell it to 368 people. Compared with 6. No brainer I think.

If you would like to find out how you can do this and you believe your coachable then all you needto be shown is how to get that targeted traffic that will convert.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to see a FREE video on how top teir products can turn your financial future around please click the link below

To Your Success


P.S I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make money with MTTb if you have any questions please leave your comments below. I answer all questions personally. Also the video below which will take you through some of the benefits of MTTB

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