Advocare Review

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Advocare Review

Breakdown of pros and cons of Advocare


Every now and then I will review a MLM or Network marketing product that I believe would be useful and easy to rank for and also has some potential as a standalone product.

They break the products into categories: (you can check them out if you like by clicking the non affiliate links below)

  • Trim – Solutions for healthy weight loss…..includes things like “meal replacements” and “Thermoplus” used to convert fat to energy. – trim
  • Active – vibrant energy and on the go solutions…….on the go fruit bars etc – active
  • Perfomance Elite – Advanced sports nutrition…..products to help enhance stamina etc – elite

After reviewing them at the site I must say in general I am quite impressed.

They look at gaining muscle and losing weight from a very holistic standpoint also they pitch the products to people at different levels of fitness. There are also tons of testimonials from people not connected to the businees which is always a good sign.

So even if you just want to use the products for your own health there is already a benefit there. And if your into fitness then the products are well worth a try.

Advocare Business Opportunity


However most people want to use Advocare to make money by becoming a distributor and either
a) buying the products wholesale and selling them on at retail prices. As the growing demand to look beautiful and get healthy grows, so the demand for these types of products will too. So this is a viable way to make some money but you would need some high volumes and a lot of repeat custom to make this worth your while.

b) Recruit other distributors and you get an increased reduction on the purchase of products for your customers but now you also make 20% commissions on whatever your distributors sell ( and on their recruits too). So the bigger your downline becomes the more money you make


advocare review

advocare review


The Main Problem With Advocare


Ok well obviously if you take action and start to build a list of people that would be interested to buy off you and become distributors you will start to make money with this opportunity over time. The problem lies however in where do we get an on going stream of leads that will be interested in not only buying the products but also joining your downline?

The answer to this is not always obvious with these things and a lot of the time your distributor or sponsor advises you to try outdated methods to get more leads. Things like:

  • Create a warm list of your friends and family and persuade them of the benefits of Advocare
  • Print off leaflets and distribute them around your local area
  • Do 3 way calls or home parties with  anyone you can twist their arm to come and hear about your new amazing way to earn money and help them do the same………
  • Etc…

But…you are usually trying to recruit people that aren’t interested in being recruited and pretty soon when people see you coming they’ll start to make a beeline for the nearest exits 🙂

Become The Pursued Not Pursuer


You need to find a way to make your prospects come to you and in this day and age the only way to do that cost effectively is with the Internet, using the 2 biggest search engines in the world; Google and Youtube.

So in summary Advocare is a great product and offers a chance to make a part or full time income using their business opportunity. They provide supplements for weight losss and fitness that are recommended by non-affiliates and endorsed by gyms and celebrity weight trainers so they have a good reputation and I believe that when people refer to advocare scam they mean that they are struggling to make money with the opportunity.

This is because you struggle to get qualified leads. That is people that have shown an interest in being distributors because they have typed terms into search engines like “Advocare review” “advocare reviews” become advocare distributor” “is advocare a scam?”

Now if you can position your offer infront of those people you can make this opportunity work.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you did please leave a comment below or share this post with anyone that you feel would benefit from it.

To Your Success


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