3 Steps To Success

Discover the most Important 3 steps to success

3 steps to success So we could really make a list of the 100 steps to success here as there are many steps really,  but I racked my brain and wanted to condense this down and give you the most important 3 steps to success.

You see all these steps can be expanded as well but I would say these are the main three.

Just before we discuss that I want to say that just reading an article about success is not going to bring those things you desire into your life. So many people are suffering from what I call “the online time wasting syndrome”, just fliting from one article to the next or one video to the next and asking why can’t I have that. Why can’t I have success like those people.

Well I was just like that and know eventually it will keep you exactly where you are and just feeling even worst.

Anyway enough of the rant lets get on to what I believe are the 3 steps to success. Please note I did say I believe so it is my opinion but I have read and listened to alot on leadership and success strategies from industry leaders and these common themes kept coming up:

Step 1 – Know Your Biggest Why

Know you biggest why and see your destination in your mind everyday.

That’s 2 really (cheat :)).

But in every journey you have to know the destination and its better if that destination really scares you because behind the conquering of any fear is massive glory.

So say you want to make $100,000 per year then you have to see that in your visualisations.

See yourself in the brand new house or the brand new car, see yourself walking out onto that exotic beach.

It all starts in the mind, then the belief starts to come and then you start to (sometimes subconsciously) make steps towards your end goal.

However the thing that keeps you going when times get hard and the journey becomes a little rough is your WHY.

Why do you want the success so bad?

Is it to give your children a better life, is it to buy that new luxury home and have that brand new Maserati parked outside.

Whatever it is for you it has to be a deep compelling reason that gets you up in the morning and keeps you up late at night working on your goals.

Step 2 – Become A Model Of Success

Model success – Tony Robbins talks about this alot.

Why reinvent the wheel. wherever you want to go, whatever type of success you want there is more than likely someone who has already walked that path so just model what they done.

If you can get around those types of people model their physiology and work ethic. Look at exactly what they did and model it, then put your own spin on it.

Step 3 – Now Do It

Take action!

You know when we get started or inspired to start a project which will bring good things into our lives we are pumped, charged and raring to go, but will power alone won’t sustain us…..

at some point we have to get in the trenches and get dirty.

You must take action towards your goals. The Mentor or modelling we spoke about in step 2 will help you know roughly what that action should be but you have to do it for yourself.

Once you try something if it dosen’t work we try and test again.

In a way success is just like a process of trial and error, we take tiny strides at first towards the goal and then in time we fine tune and start to discover what works till we are eventually galloping towards our destination.

Success is the road least travelled most prefer to follow the mundane path that society sets out for us and gives us small rewards (eg $1 pay rise great!!) to keep us happy and in check.

Whatever you want always be pushing for success and it is inevitable that it will arrive

To Your Success


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